Taylor Forge Engineered Systems has been a leading manufacturer of liquid separation equipment for the pipeline industry for over forty years…
A leader in scraper trap technology and fabrication for many years, Taylor Forge Engineered Systems has been one of the foremost suppliers of scraper traps, also known as launcher and receiver traps, or pig traps, throughout the world…
Taylor Forge Engineered Systems has been the innovative leader in the manufacturing of extruded connections since 1959…
Since the 1950’s, Taylor Forge Engineered Systems, has been manufacturing pressure vessels at our plants in Paola and Greeley…
Internals use the high-energy momentum of fluids to produce a high “G” force which sends the liquids and solids against the Vortex Tube wall and creates a sufficient delta P between liquid and gas to provide superior separation…
Taylor Forge has been involved in the design and manufacturing of components and skid mounted equipment since the mid-1950’s…
Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers
Since the 1970’s, Taylor Forge Engineered Systems has been active in the fabrication of shell and tube heat exchangers…


Taylor Forge Engineered Systems
has continued the reputation of traditionally dependable products
to a variety of industries.


We don’t compromise our practices and we won’t cut corners.


We take a consultative approach with customers and appreciate the big picture.


Setting the standard requires fully understanding the box and when to think outside of it.
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